Cloud ERP

The cloud is the future

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Traditionally, ERP solutions have been deployed on own servers or hosted at a local hosting provider. Now, most businesses choose to run their software the cloud, and  there are significant benefits in doing so.

When we talk about ‘cloud’, we mean running TRIMIT on Business Central hosted and managed by Microsoft in their datacenters.

We believe the cloud is your best option, not just now but certainly in the future.

What is 'the cloud'?

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What exactly is the cloud, and why do we recommend it?

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In its simple form, 'the cloud' refers to servers that are accessed over the internet, and the software and databases that run on those servers. These servers are located in big data centers all over the world.

In other words, the cloud replaces the need for having your own servers and running business critical applications on your own infrastructure. In a cloud world, you effectively outsource this to large technology vendors like Microsoft and in return, you get a lot of business benefits.

It's like renting a house: The landlord own the house (the servers) and takes care of all the maintenance, but what's inside the house (the applications and data) is up to you as a tenant.

Why should you choose cloud?

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Some of your additional benefits

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  • You are always on the latest version - the only place to really get the most in return for your investment
  • TRIMIT offers the most extensive feature set for your industry of any Business Central app in the cloud
  • It is easy for us in CORNATOR to support and troubleshoot your solution when it's in the cloud
  • Your business solution keeps getting better and better with regular updates that are applied automatically 
  • In CORNATOR, we have both the tools and methodology ready to take you to the cloud in a secure manner
  • With Business Central and TRIMIT in the cloud, it is very easy to take full advantage of other Microsoft products 
Next step

Ready for the next steps?

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Today, you still have a choice between cloud or on-premise options. But, there is a clear tendency towards the cloud, and the worlds' leading tech companies are all moving their efforts towards a cloud future. 

This will inevitably have an impact on your business sooner or later. The question becomes if you are ready to take the next steps in this direction now, or if you need a little extra time? 

We are ready when you are! With TRIMIT and Business Central in the cloud you get an industry-specific, cloud-based business solution, ready to take you to the next level.

You probably wonder...

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I already use trimit on-premise, how can i go to the cloud?

If you are lucky enough to be using TRIMIT already with an older version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we have a clear path for you to the cloud when you are ready. With proven upgrade tools and methodologies, you are in safe hands when switching from on-premise to cloud.

We are always happy to discuss your specific case and create a plan with you for bringing your business solution forward into the cloud.

    i hear talk about cloud and saas, is there a difference?

    Yes - there are differences. At its core, cloud is the infrastructure (servers, resource sharing, broad network access, etc) and Software-As-A-Service, or Saas, is the applications you run on the cloud infrastructure. 

    However, in our daily dialogue we often use the term 'cloud' as the combined offering of infrastructure and applications.

      why is the cloud important to me?

      There are tons of reasons, and here are three of them: (1) the cloud enables a modern workplace, benefitting your entire team and supporting how people work today. The cloud helps attract and keep people on your team. (2) You get more time to focus on activities that add value to your company, and your business solution becomes a monthly operational expense. (3) It's good for the environment as most data centers are powered by green energy and use excess heating in a sustainable way.

      There are many other good reasons why the cloud is important, and we are happy to discuss this in more detail with you.

        I have business central today, can i still get trimit?

        Yes, absolutely! The new app-based structure in Business Central means that TRIMIT can be applied to your existing Business Central solution. The only thing we require is that it is either in the cloud already or upgraded to the latest version if you are running it on-premise.

        Feel free to reach out to us so we can discuss your specific situation.

          can i choose between different clouds?

          Business Central and TRIMIT are both based on Microsoft technology, and both solutions take advantage of Microsoft data centers.

          If your solution uses an on-premise license, you can deploy it in a cloud or hosting center of your choice. This is called a 'private cloud'.

          Some countries have specific requirements for data storage, and the Microsoft service (including TRIMIT) is fully compliant with these. Also, your data is redundant meaning that there is a copy of your data in a separate data center for easy access to your data in case one data center fails.

            are there reasons not to go to the cloud?

            Not really. With that said, we fully respect that you probably have unanswered questions, and our team is fully prepared to have a dialogue about any skepticism or uncertainty you may have. We want you to have a realistic picture of what you can expect before making a move like this.

            On the other hand, we all know the cloud is here to stay and we expect all companies will make the move eventually.

            Feel free to contact us so we can discuss the options and guide you in the right direction.

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