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TRIMIT on Microsoft dynamics 365 Business Central is an industry-specific software solution. Also known as an ERP system. TRIMIT is used by companies worldwide to optimize their business and is specialy developed for the Fashion, Furniture, Living and Configuration industry. 

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Key features which make TRIMIT an unique ERP system and one of a kind in its form, are: able to do handling with an unlimited set of variants, automatic creation of production orders, seamless automation of manual processes, webshops and helicopter view of supply chain interactions ensure that you can do more business with less resources and reap greater profits.

The TRIMIT solution is designed to solve the challenges which companies in the Fashion/Sport, Living, Furniture and Configuration industries experience.

All without needing to worry about tedious implementations, endless customizations and constant, costly upgrades!

Launched in 1990, Focused on the Future

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Since its launch in 1990, TRIMIT has ran its own cours.

Back in the day, when ERP systems where either nothing more than simple financial management or completely customized to every customer, TRIMIT had a different ambition: “build a standard solution, specialized for specific industries, that grew better with every new customer and every new version.”

This is still the foundation of TRIMIT, and over the past 30 years it has developed into the leading business application for Fashion, Furniture, Living and Configuration (Production) companies. The better results customers see with TRIMIT are directly linked to the industry focus of the solution.

Minimize the Need for Customization

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365 Business Central together with TRIMIT covers most requirements of a company and thereby minimize the need for customization.

Over time, companies have spent very large amounts of money on customizing ERP systems. This often results in over-complicated solutions, expensive maintenance and total costs of ownership.

TRIMIT adds industry-specific capability to Business Central - not via customizations but via a real, Microsoft certified product which is fully supported by local partners, developed based on hundreds of companies similar to yours and where you know what to expect in the future.

Developed from Industry Knowledge

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The functionality in TRIMIT is developed in close dialogue with CORNATOR, the customers and the TRIMIT-partners all over the world. Their knowledge and experience continuously helps to improve TRIMIT. With TRIMIT, current and new customers can profit from knowledge and experience built into the solution since 1990.

The Company TRIMIT

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TRIMIT the company is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partner of Microsoft. That allowes TRIMIT to build industry specific Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The TRIMIT company follows the latest developments from Microsoft closely to ensure the solutions supports the latest version of Business Central at any given time.

Thousands of hours every year are invested to develop and test the TRIMIT solution to deliver a complete and high quality. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available on any device and with deployment options both in the cloud and on-premises.

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When a new version of 365 Business Central is released, a new version of TRIMIT is released simultaneously and made available to all customers. This way, TRIMIT customers can always benefit from the latest Microsoft technology.

Nobody wants to be stuck with an outdated solution that runs on old technology, which makes it very difficult and expensive to upgrade and even worse: is not up-to-date for the business that’s running.
Instead, you want to stay updated and take advantage of new developments with a standard solution based on the latest technology. This is exactly what TRIMIT stands for. 

TRIMIT's Legacy in Numbers

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TRIMIT in numbers