TRIMIT supports Dencon’s business

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Dencon is a Danish furniture company with more than 50 years of experience in design and manufacturing of office furniture. Dencon is already a highly automated furniture company, which is both important and necessary due to their location in the most expensive EU country to manufacture in. Continuous automation of processes is therefore very important.


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Dencon and CORNATOR have worked together for many years. “We went through the market, and CORNATOR looked attractive. Above all, they had TRIMIT. CORNATOR has experienced our challenges, and they have all these other references within the industry”.

TRIMIT supports new production flow

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About 4 years ago, Dencon took the next step and made significant changes to their manufacturing process. They went from traditional series-production to a more individual type manufacturing. As Henrik Feld, CEO at Dencon explains, it is important that the ERP-system is involved when making this sort of change in order to not get into a lot of trouble.

Dynamic BOMs save a lot of time

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Henrik highlights dynamic Bills Of Materials as an important feature in TRIMIT. “I think it’s important, that we are able to create, modify and update accurate BOMs. If we introduce a new wood type, we don’t need to create all those static bills of material. It is all dynamic and through an adjustment gets corrected all the way through. That, I think, is incredibly good for us and helps us be as flexible as we are”.

The BOMs Dencon has created are made in such a way that they can maintain a great number of underlying items, with only a few clicks or changes. If Dencon for example adds a new variant to a product that already has about 500 to 700 different configurations depending on how many color combinations the item has, it will still be only one BOM they need to add. “This saves us an awful lot of time in maintenance of BOMs and master data”. 

Standard solution

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Kristian Skriver, IT-coordinator at Dencon, has been a part of the company for almost 15 years. “TRIMIT is really cool because it is a standard solution where we just use the software as part of everyday life. All our data is created in TRIMIT, and that is the foundation for our entire business”, Kristian explains.

Industry knowledge and experience

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Kristian explains how it’s a big advantage that CORNATOR arrives with a lot of industry knowledge: “We clearly feel that CORNATOR has deep experience in the furniture industry. They ask the right questions and come up with good ideas and input. Also, when we have some maybe weird ideas. 

CORNATOR confronts the problems we are experiences, that is actually the starting point that they must have experience within our challenges, so I think it plays really well together,” says Henrik.

A competent partner

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To Dencon, it is important to have an ERP supplier, who is also a good partner. “To have CORNATOR and their employees as sparring partners is important for us combined with the fact that they know our business and our problems. If we want to be better, then we need a competent ERP partner. I think we have that, and they are very competent”, says Henrik.

Helps Dencon toward the future

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“I believe that our future depends on our own imagination, but also highly on our supplier’s imagination. So, if these two things don’t fit, we have a problem. Especially when we are talking about ERP. I believe that our ERP partner should be able to help us forward, and I actually believe CORNATOR does that, and we are proud of that.

I think CORNATOR is a great partner, and that in fact is what is key for your desire to recommend something. We want to recommend CORNATOR, and I mean that also because they complement us and help keep us competitive. One of our tasks is to remain competitive, and we believe CORNATOR is part of the answer. So, we can highly recommend CORNATOR”
, concludes Henrik.