TRIMIT Configuration
-a complete standard solution designed for the production industry

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TRIMIT Configuration

Examples of segment in the production industry:

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  • Iron and Metal 
  • High Tech and Electronics 
  • Plastic products 
  • Foam solutions 
  • Machinery 
  • Ventilation 

With TRIMIT Fashion you get an overview and control over your production, regardless of whether it takes place locally or is outsourced. 

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Reporting & BI
In TRIMIT Fashion, there are a number of statistics and monitoring tools available to constantly keep abreast of economic indicators and make ad hoc follow-up. 

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CRM & Claims
TRIMIT gives you a constant and accurate view of where the customer's order is and when the customer can expect delivery. 

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With TRIMIT Fashion you get a number of tools that help you handle NooS and presale purchase in an easy and clear way.

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Product Configurator
This tool enables you to set up all the necessary conditions in order to control what can and cannot be configured. 

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Finance & Accounting
Once you start using TRIMIT Fashion, you automatically bring all employees closer together. All input data using the same system, which means you have much easier access to information that is up to date.

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Why choose TRIMIT Configuration

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TRIMIT Configuration from CORNATOR is a complete standard solution, designed perfectly for the production industry and your challenges.

The solution TRIMIT Configuration gives you a complete overview of all processes in your business. With a complete integrated IT-system you can optimize your supply chain all the way from product design to post-calculation and customer service. 

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TRIMIT Configuration

Success Stories from Our Customers

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TRIMIT Configuration is successfully used by companies in manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, and retail. They all work with products that have variations. Whether the products are standard or custom-made, the more variations and options are available, the more complex the products become. These are some of our many success stories.


A Good Overview and Better Prioritization for Venti

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Moving towards paperless production has really been a fundamental improvement for us. In the past, we had a great number of printouts and order notes and all kinds of papers associated with production, which could easily be lost and cause other problems. Today we have around 10 screens divided across the entire production, which give us a much better overview. Plus, we can go in and prioritize the various production tasks.

Control of the Production at Asetek

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With TRIMIT Configuration, Asetek now has planning options, where they almost only had spreadsheets before. Asetek has come a long way by using TRIMIT Configuration.

The handling of resources has become much better – we have gained a lot by using TRIMIT Configuration.


TRIMIT Configuration Offers a Better Overview across Individual Functions

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JEROS has gotten great insight into how their business works and how everything meshes together. “All the departments in the company have benefited from our new TRIMIT solution. In the past, the sales people had quite a messy system where the overview of, for example, production, delivery times, and sales often went lost,”